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Malabar Logistics manages large volumes of road cargo in DRC and between DRC and Zambia, as well as Tanzania. It has its own truck fleet, including low-loaders, flatbeds and acid tankers and also has long-standing relationships with selected and established hauliers.

This means that the company can offer not only niche services such as abnormal haulage or access to more remote routes, it also means that it can easily handle large volumes of cargo at highly cost-effective rates.

Malabar Logistics operates in the DRC provinces of Katanga, Orientale and South Kivu, as well as in Zambia and Tanzania. It is headed by a former British Army Royal Engineer.

The main areas of expertise are:

• Cross-border haulage between DRC, Zambia and all other major regional ports

• Local haulage within DRC and Zambia

• General cargo haulage

• Abnormal load movements up to 120 tons

• Acid haulage

• Procurement

• Bonded warehouse in Lubumbashi